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450 operating nuclear reactors worldwide produce 350 gigawatts of electric power .

ATOMTEHELEKTRO participates in NPP construction at home (Beloyarsk NPP, Novovoronezh NPP-2, Leningrad NPP-2) and abroad (Tianwan NPP-2, Koodankulam NPP, Belorussian NPP).

Russian NPPs generate above 16% of country’s electricity.

With experienced professionals working in-house and certified quality management system applied, JSC ATOMTEHELEKTRO ensures high-grade and just-in-time implementation of projects.

Use of the latest technologies allows us to deploy a turnkey approach for our projects.

From innovative concept development to commissioning and service.


JSC ATOMTEHELEKTRO provides up-to-date engineering solutions for a wide range of industries: nuclear, energy, metallurgical, mining and others. 

We have established numerous business contacts with domestic and foreign suppliers of technology, equipment and materials, with subcontractors as well.

We are guiding our efforts to improve our company performance through broadening of the product range and expanding of the construction and installation services.