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JSC Atomtehelektro co-operates with the leading domestic and foreign plants and factories what allows us to secure supplies and to use innovative technologies in production.


Since its foundation our company fulfilled contracts for production and supply of the equipment for five nuclear plants, including those in the People’s Republic of China and Belarus. JSC Atomtehelektro develops and produces following equipment as well as single items that are both important for security of the nuclear objects in use:


-    pressure vessels, including filters;

-    storage equipment,  tanks and reservoirs;

-    heat exchange equipment;

-    pipes and their components;

-    control valves with fittings, components and other equipment;

-    transportation equipment (self-propelled platform trolleys, trolleys, grabs, traverses, devices for dismantling of the drives of the reactor control and safety system)

-    containment system equipment (doors, hatches, gates, built-in ducts, conduits, sluices)

-    lifting equipment and machinery (cranes, lift trucks, cargo and passenger lifts, hoists, lift tables, elevators, loaders, trucks, stackers, electric vehicles )

-    ventilation and air-conditioning equipment;

-    pumps and pump sets, their components and spares;

-    power system equipment including switches, transformers, disconnectors, generators and others;

-    distribution boards and operating panels of the control and power systems, control and measuring instruments and devices included;

-    equipment for special water purification system and reactor water cleanup (pumps, pipes, fittings, filters and replacement filters, heat exchangers, condensers, tanks and reservoirs).


JSC Atomtehelektro ensures an absolute compliance with all the regulations, standards and requirements that are relevant to design and production of the equipment.  The product conformity assessment is carried out within established regulatory framework. The highest quality of the equipment produced and supplied by our company is maintained throughout its warranty period and operational life.


Our company possesses all the essential permits to supply equipment, materials and components for nuclear power plants that are either being built or brought into operation