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JSC Atomtehelektro is involved in all stages of construction, installation and setting-up from drafting a project to an object commissioning.

The company’s construction department professionals have experience in implementation of various projects. Competently prepared documentation, strict observance of technological norms as well as high professional skills and wide experience of Atomtehelektro in-house professionals are a guarantee of effective construction, installation and setting-up, that are carried out in full compliance with current standards (SNiP, GOST, VSN, RD).

 JSC Atomtehelektro has an access to works that influence security of capital construction objects including hazardous production and nuclear power facilities. Furthermore, our company has a permit of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor) to carry out works at nuclear power plants that are either being built or brought into operation

Wiring and Electrical WorksInstallation and DismantlingSetting-up and CommissioningFinishing Work

1)underground and overhead power lines;

2) installation of transforming substations;

3) distribution equipment and bus ducts;

4) power equipment installation: power cabinets, power control panels, switchgear panels, power backup automatic switches, distribution boards;

5) installation of the following equipment: fans, pumps, compressor machines, cooling units, accumulators, auxiliary units, etc;

 6) exterior lighting system;

7) inside grounding circuit, potential grading, lightning protection;

8) interior wiring installation: internal power system 0.4KW, installation of lighting switchboards and facility power panels, installation of lights, sockets and switches;

9) installation of duct banks for cable laying, tubing and wiring, power cabling;

10) terminals for welders and power stations at repair areas;

1) lifting and transportation equipment;

2) electrical equipment, automated and alarm systems;

3) installation of elevators, including;

- elevator machines,

- controllers,

- auxiliary built-in items,

-  guide rail supports,

- car and counterweight guide rails,

- elevator car,

- counterweights,

- cabling within lift shaft,

- elevator pit equipment,

- shaft doors,

- LED (light-emitting diode) lamps installation with power cable laying in machine room and shaft.

1) field adjustment of automatic and alarm systems and interconnect devices;

2) setting-up of ventilation and air-conditioning systems;

3) elevators, including:

- setting-up of elevator machinery;

- setting-up of elevator cabling;

- setting-up of controllers and alarm system;

- setting-up of communication cables with a controlling station;

- testing of elevator operation in all modes;

- testing of communication with a controlling station;

- conformity assessment in the form of declaration of conformity with Customs Union’s technical regulation for “Safety of Elevators” TR CU 011/2011;

4) lifting and transportation equipment;

5) power and testing transformers;

6) voltage and operating current systems;

7) electrical machines and drives;

8) setting-up of ventilation and air-conditioning systems;

9) steam boilers, water heating boilers and other boiler equipment.

1) concrete cutting for door installation;

2) framing of door openings after door installation;

3) plastering and painting of concrete surfaces;

4) plastering, wall and floor leveling, painting after new equipment installation;

5) pit floor leveling and wall painting;

6)  painting of car and counterweight guide rail supports, of built-in items, etc.