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JSC Atomtehelektro delivers services at equipment design and system engineering; develops drawings either of a non-standard equipment or of equipment produced for the first time.  The quality of design and technical documentation has a crucial importance for secure and successful operation of an object as a whole.



Development of a non-standard equipment along with improvement of already existing one is a multilevel process demanding a systematic approach and careful observance of norms, regulations and requirements for every single item.


Atomtehelektro’s  design and engineering department professionals consider safety, reliability and durability  of the developed projects to be the core part of their work.


In general, Equipment Design includes following stages:


1. Receiving of basic technical requirements from a client;


2. Preparing of technical documentation: drawings, specifications, technical assignments; making all necessary calculations;


3.  Making of a pilot (experimental) sample;


4. Testing of a sample;


5. Launching of a product.